Wolf Kodi (Kok Aun Chee)

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Reach For The Light

The Story of Balto

A Random Capture...

This is all about the first movie of Balto. The show started with Rosie as a grandmother and her granddaughter who owns a dog named, Blaze. They were at the park. Rosie was searching for Balto's memorial, the dog that saved her life many years ago. They stoped for a rest and sat down on a bench. Rosie began explaining the whole story:

      As an outcast in his town of Nome, Alaska, Balto can't fit in with either side of his mixed bloodlines. The town dogs taunt him and the humans don't trust him for being part wolf, which has driven him to always turning away from this fact.


But when a case of diphtheria spreads fast among the human residents of Nome, and they were out of medicine, Balto has a chance to prove himself. There is a race the next morning to see who will get the medicine, and bring it back to Nome. Although Balto wins this race, he is not chosen for the team, because Steele made him look vicious by stepping on his paw and made him growl in pain. Steele is picked for the team, but on their way back with the medicine, they got lost in the fierce blizzard and accidentally slide down an icy slope, the musher is knocked out during the fall. The team was unable to move on.


When Balto hears about the team and that they can’t get the medicine through, he decides to go out and save the team. Balto went with Boris, Muk, and Luk in search of the lost team. Along the perilous journey, they were attacked by a huge black bear. Balto almost lost the fight, but the popular husky Jenna saved him. Seeing that Jenna is hurt and that he can't afford to lose time trying to keep his friends with him, Balto decides to go on the journey alone. His friend Boris, a Russian snow goose, is worried for his safety but forewarns him, "Let me tell you something, Balto. A dog cannot make this journey alone, but maybe a wolf can."


Skeptical and trusting his own abilities, Balto heads out to continue the search while his friends follow his marked trail home. Braving the blizzard through the forest with diminishing hopes, Balto finally succeeds in finding the team. The dogs see him and raise their heads. They were surprised to see him. Balto inquires whether anyone is hurt, looking over the team. Finding out the problem, he picks up the lead and prepares to take them home. But Steele wants to be the leader himself and won't let Balto take the team without a fight. Balto is nearly killed when his head hits a large patch of ice, but he recovers quickly and Steele, in his rage, pounced on Balto, but he missed. He managed to grab Balto's bandanna that Jenna had left him, but the bandanna was undid when pulled and he fell over the side of a small cliff.


As Balto sets out with the team in the lead dog's position, Steele manages to climb the cliff. Blinded by hate he marks all the trees he can find and throws Balto off his trail. Balto reaches the first tree, and then looks to the second, then the third. To his horror Steele has marked them all, and now Balto is just as lost as Steele had been. Star asked Balto which way to go, noticing him stop to look at the trees. Balto motions this way and he runs down a random path, really having no idea which direction to go. As he leads the team through the forest with Steele's trail he hopes he can find the right path.


Hours pass by and Balto and the team come to the same clearing of trees they'd reached before. He stops abruptly and gazes around desperately at the trees. Kaltag questions Balto why is he taking them in circles, noticing the familiar path. Balto answers that he isn’t and ask them to mush. He runs wildly through the forest, with the rest of the team trying to catch up. The dogs plead for him to slow down, but he keeps running, stopping when he finds that he is headed for a huge cliff. The dogs are safe but the medicine crate is about to go over the cliff! Balto lunges for the box and catches the straps in his teeth just at the right time, but the false cliff gives way under the pressure and he and the medicine are pulled straight down as the other dogs watch helplessly.


The next morning Balto, weakened and depressed, digs out of a thick blanket of snow at the bottom of a large ravine. Reaching the surface, he stands and attempts to walk, but his shaky hind legs give out from under him and he only crashes to the freezing snow. All his hopes are lost, because he cannot hope that the town, including Jenna's mistress, Rosy, can survive with the medicine destroyed. Sniffling and shivering under the intense winds and blowing snow, he clears his throat and sniffs again only to pick up the scent of a wolf right in front of him! Jerking his head up in surprise, he stands and tucks his tail respectively between his legs and watches in astonishment as a large white wolf howls to him. Overcome with shame, he lies back down and turns his head away, staring out into the snow. The wolf leaves and as Balto blinks, he notices the crate of medicine in the distance, still intact! However, his hopes are diminished once more as he follows with his eyes, the height of the towering cliff he'd fallen down the night before. Then he remembers the words of Boris as he gazes at the top of the cliff. "A dog cannot make this journey alone, but maybe a wolf can." Finally he realizes that he has a wolf’s strength when he compared his paw print with the wolf’s which was exactly the same, and soon he is filled with the determination to carry the medicine once more. He looks back at the tracks the white wolf had left behind. Rising to his paws, he curiously places a paw in one of the prints and finds that it fits! Finally he realizes that he has a wolf’s strength, and soon he is filled with the determination to carry the medicine once more. He rears his head back and howled. The white wolf turned around and came back to join in, and they howl together before Balto departs to climb the cliff with the crate of medicine.


The dogs are freezing and huddling in a circle close to the fallen musher, and hearing the howls they jump to their feet and look over the edge of the cliff to find Balto with the medicine! He struggles with the crate and pulls it up the cliff as the dogs crowd him and congratulate him. A few moments later Balto leaves for Nome with the team, but this time he uses his wolf instincts to guide him out of the forest, and the team makes it safely back to Nome.


Balto is no longer a reject or an outcast, but he is loved by everyone.

©2004-2008 Wolf Kodi (Kok Aun Chee)

Balto, Wolf Quest and Wings of Change are the intellectual properties of ©1995-2004 Universal Studios.

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